Urban Youth Collaborative Breakfast

Friday, August 23, 2019 – Today we held a breakfast gathering to celebrate 16 students who successfully completed internships in People Incorporated programs through the Urban Youth Collaborative Program.  The Urban Youth Collaborative is a state-wide initiative of the Department of Developmental Services which encourages students to consider careers in health and human services while they gain on-the-job training, hands-on experience, and important life skills.

There are 20 Urban Youth Collaborative Programs statewide.  People Incorporated bases the program out of the Community Engagement Center in collaboration with the Resiliency Preparatory Academy and Atlantis Charter School.

Cory Silva, Coordinator of the People Incorporated program, said, “This was a great year, and now we celebrate the 16 students who completed their internships and all requirements of the eight-week program.  We are so proud of their progress and thankful for all of their hard work.”

In addition to guests Richard Santucci of the Department of Developmental Services and State Representative Paul Schmid, event attendees included staff from the offices of Representative Carole Fiola, Representative Alan Silvia, and Representative Patricia Haddad.  People Incorporated staff, including Bill Perkins, COO, along with Catherine DeTerra, Vice President of Communications, Beth Pelletier, Vice President of Human Resources, and Melissa St. Pierre, Director of Community Partnerships, were also on hand to offer their congratulations to the students.

The following students completed the Urban Youth Collaborative Program in the internship program placements indicated:

  • Zachary Almeida, Residential Services
  • Amanda Alves, Camp Jack
  • Paige Avila, Camp Jack
  • Taylor Dervishian, Residential Services
  • Mykala Espinola, Camp Jack
  • Marcos Fernandes, Residential Services
  • Kiara Guadalupe, Residential Services and Day Habilitation
  • Erica Mendes, Camp Jack
  • Yanaiza Moore, Residential Services
  • Cody Pereira, Day Habilitation
  • Sabrina Pothof, Preschool
  • Jonethan Santos, Camp Jack
  • Amber Servant, Children’s Center
  • Samantha Smith, Residential Services
  • Brittney Soares, Early Intervention Program
  • Caitlyn Szargowicz, Residential Services and Extended Day Program