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drillOur Vocational program works closely with individuals to ensure successful and meaningful work experiences. Employees of the program develop new employment and social skills, increase work tolerance, and explore career opportunities. Choices include skill training workshops, community/social experiences, volunteer work, and supported job placement. Some individuals need additional medical supports before they are able to access employment.

The Day Habilitation program offers medically-oriented services that include medical monitoring, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, and behavior management therapies.

Day Services Programs

yoyoCalling People, Incorporated to meet your company’s labor and janitorial needs is good business - and it’s good for the community. As one of the largest multi-service corporations serving individuals with disabilities in southeastern Massachusetts, we can provide you with qualified workers who offer real value to your organization. The proof is in the results we have been delivering since 1987. Our track record of providing exceptional customer service further ensures you of a smooth partnering relationship.

People Incorporated can help companies fill positions with loyal, reliable, well-trained employees. Whether the position is full-time, part-time, or temporary, we will work with you to select qualified job candidates for your consideration. Once our candidates become part of your team, we will continue to support them with supervision, training, and even transportation if needed.

cleaner1Let our dedicated employees leave your place of business spotless! Our supervised, highly trained crews will clean your office, commercial or industrial business with pride. People Incorporated will provide the supervision, training and free estimates. We can accommodate nearly any schedule

People Incorporated’s employment, cleaning, and production services are tailor-made for businesses that value quality work with benefit for the community.

Good for you. Good for the community.

Day Habilitation Program

nurse For those individuals who do not wish to participate in the employment program at People Incorporated or for those who may require additional therapeutic intervention before being able to access employment, the Day Habilitation program offers many unique opportunities.

The program is staffed by a dynamic group of well trained professionals and include registered nurses, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Language specialists, and a number of habilitation support personnel.

Specific services offered include

Physical Therapy: Physical therapists work with individuals on overall gross motor habilitation. This includes stretching and strengthening the entire body, working on ambulation and gait training, wheel-chair mobility, and safe transferring from one area to another.

Occupational Therapy: In the Day Habilitation program, Occupational Therapists work on fine motor activities and activities of daily living which include feeding, meal preparation, self care activities, and sensory integration activities. Occupational and Physical therapists work together to help your whole body work cohesively to accomplish the tasks that are important to you.

Language & Communication groups: These activities are often organized by a Speech & Language Pathologist or a Speech therapy assistant and include verbal communication skills, picture exchange systems, and overall strategies to communicate needs and desires to others.

Registered Nursing: Licensed R.N.'s are available for medical monitoring and medication administration as needed.

Fitness & Exercise Groups: For individuals to work on their skills they learned in Physical therapy or just to stay in shape, we offer a variety of aerobic activities, Yoga, non-competitive sports such as whiffle-ball or kickball, and water activities for those who need a non-impact sport.

Health, Diet and Nutrition groups: Our dedicated staff with work with you to plan your meals including making the grocery list, how to stay safe in the kitchen, basic hygiene, and healthy diets for your individual medical condition.

Expressive Arts Groups: Maybe you are interested in relaxation, massage therapy, aroma therapy, arts, music, or dance. All of these are available at People Incorporated and our staff will work with you to find the program that makes you feel the best about your body and yourself.

Social Skills Groups: A very popular series of groups that work on social etiquette, street safety skills, emergency preparedness skills, as well as developing computer skills for fun and learning.

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