Adult Services Overview

Adult Services Overview 2019-12-02T12:28:09-05:00

Adult Services Management Team

Jerilyn Ingham

Vice President
Day Services



Susan Raposa

Residential Services



We believe that each person should be integrated into their community in a way that is meaningful for them while we assist them in facilitating relationships with family and friends. Individuals can be supported through a variety of programs that we offer.


People Incorporated is a Qualified Provider of the following services

  • Day Services: a site-based and/or community program that assists with socialization and adaptive skills, plus a range of services including various therapies (physical, occupational, music, art, speech, and language), fitness and exercise groups, health, diet and nutrition groups, and social skill groups
  • Job Readiness Skills (prevocational): a range of learning and hands-on activities to prepare for supportive or  competitive employment
  • Supported Employment: job coaching and supports needed to sustain paid work by participants
  • Adult Companion: non-medical care, supervision, and socialization provided to assist with community activities, personal needs, and activities of daily living
  • Individual Support and Community Habilitation:  services and supports (one-on-one) necessary to ensure an individual’s independence, integration, and productive life in the community
  • Shared Home Supports: matches an individual with a  Shared Home Supports caregiver in their home and provides daily structure, skills training, and supportive services
  • Twenty-four Hour Residential Supports: ongoing services and individually tailored supports in a residential setting designed to assist individuals to acquire, maintain, or improve skills in activities of daily living, home management, and community integration
  • Transitional Assistance: services for individuals who are transitioning from a nursing facility or hospital or provider-operated living arrangement to a community living arrangement
  • Transportation: transport to various resources, programs, services, or community activities

Additional individualized ancillary supports available as needed

  • Assistive Technologies:  specific to individual needs to increase abilities of daily living
  • Case Management:  coordination of services for individual planning
  • Skilled Nursing Services:  provided by a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse with a valid Massachusetts license
  • Physical Therapy:  to address motor impairments and improve, develop, correct, rehabilitate, or prevent the worsening of the physical functions that have been lost, impaired, or reduced
  • Occupational Therapy: sensory integration, adaptive equipment recommendations to improve quality of life, increase independence, regulate emotional responses
  • Speech Therapy:  includes the use of adaptive equipment such as iPads with voice output
  • Positive Behavior Supports:  research-based strategies used to increase the quality of life and decrease problem behavior by teaching new skills and making changes in a person’s environment
  • Adult Daily Living Skills:  such as personal care, budgeting, cooking, general housekeeping, and laundry
  • Self and Collective Advocacy:  to support an individual’s self-advocacy, participant direction, civic participation, leadership, benefits, and participation in the community
  • Social Skills:  to address decision making, interpersonal relationships, and emotional responses
  • Memory Skills:  developing memory aids and strategies
  • Leisure Activities:  finding pleasure in activities, such as arts and crafts, bowling, watching sports, movies, and shopping

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