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bridge People, Incorporated is pleased to offer a variety of staff training and design sessions facilited by Jack Yates. Any of these could be highly constructive and motivating for support staff at all levels, and the design sessions especially have been hugely valuable invited by families as well as by program staff. Classes or design sessions can also be tailored to your needs; use the descriptions below to prompt your own thoughts, and call Jack to talk over how we can work together.

In addition to classes and design sessions which he conducts, Jack is the coordinator of periodic statewide conferences for Direct Support Professionals, for which People, Incorporated is the principal sponsor. Jack also at least annually coordinates multi-day workshops conducted by the Social Role Valorization Implementation Project or the Syracuse University Training Institute, intensive learning events based upon the work of Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger. You can call or write to Jack for information about any such upcoming events.

Family Centered Design and Individual Design Sessions
Structured, facilitated planning process, varying from 5 to 15 hours, which includes all members of the individual’s family and support network. After sharing stories and information about the person, the group is invited to envision who that person might become and the steps and strategies needed to get there.

Building a Home
This planning session ranges in length from 12 - 18 hours where residential staff work together to make home life and community life as rich as possible. The session is especially valuable as people are are moving into a new home, or as a team-building for staff and families.

Building Bridges
This 6 hour fully participative class will explore the community in an effort to help staff develop plans and goals for greater community involvement in valued roles for the people we support.

handsMedical Ethics and People with Disabilities:
Setting the Historical Context A historical look at the treatment of people with disabilities during World War II in Germany, examines the ideas on which it was based, and then looks at our own society and the parallels in our day.

Thinking Through Rights, Reason and Responsibility
A short lecture/facilitated discussion of 2 - 3 hours which helps staff examine the importance of human rights, the limit of rights as a guide, and a method for thinking through the balances which must be found as we assist people to better lives.

Devaluation and Valued Roles
A lecture of 3 hours which looks at how people with impairments have been seen and treated in our society, then looks at how we can assist supporters to build better situations for people.

Person-Centered Thinking: What brings out the best in this person?
Lectures and exercises of 2-6 hours, asking participants to look at the people we support in new ways, and then outlines the very practical and behavioral implications of this approach.

A Retreat to Examine One’s Calling
A secular retreat over 2 days which issues a compelling invitation to reflection. Participants reflect on short presentations and share their experiences, their values and their calling to serve.

Leadership – Toward What?
A lecture of 2 hours inviting participants to think through the aims of their advocacy and leadership, to guide their work by their best moral compass.

A facilitated discussion of an hour which asks families or staff to reflect upon the gifts which people bring to this world and what that means for who we are to each other.

History of Our Services
Looking back at the major dynamics which have formed our system of adult services for people with intellectual impairment, from their origins around 1848, through the eugenics period, the reforms of the late twentieth century, and the current service scene.

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