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fam-supThe Community Supports Program of People, lncorporated offers support for adults living with developmental disabilities to access outings and activities within the greater Fall River area and beyond. The program is based on true belief that people of all abilities should have the opportunity to enjoy the richness and variety of community life.

The program provides opportunities, during evening and weekend hours, for individuals with developmental disabilities to access and enjoy activities in their community. Program participants choose outings from a monthly calendar that include activities such as dining out, shopping theatre, sporting events, and day trips. Through this program, experienced community support counselors facilitate the outings by providing transportation with People, lncorporated vans. Staff also assists with money handling, shopping socialization, and menu selections as needed. The program also offers one to one outings for individuals who need more individualized support while in the community. The program participates in site based activities at our People, lncorporated locations, which include garden club and game night. Small vacations can be scheduled for individuals. The program offers opportunities to individuals aged 7 and up.

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