President’s Message

President’s Message 2020-01-16T08:59:11-05:00

I am so proud to serve as the President & CEO of People Incorporated!

Since 1968, People Incorporated has been dedicated to providing quality, community-based services to children and adults throughout Southeastern Massachusetts. The organization’s Board of Directors and staff are proud of the diverse array of services that we provide to the people of ALL abilities in our region.

Certainly much has changed since our founding in 1968, but we continue to develop our menu of supports for individuals with intellectual and cognitive disabilities including multiple areas of service that have grown dramatically, like behavior services, supports for individuals with autism spectrum disorder, day services, residential services, transportation, and so much more. We are also expanding our brain injury services and ancillary supports including siting new ABI day programs and skilled nursing residences. Our Early Intervention Program has thrived, along with our many early education and care offerings, including our Preschool, Children’s Center, Young Parents’ Learning Center, Healthy Families, Welcome Family, and the list just continues to grow.

Our professional staff is responsible for delivering the high quality services you will see described on these pages. As the organization’s program offerings have grown and diversified, so has our ability to provide career opportunities and multiple career paths. Nearly 870 dedicated professionals are now employed delivering services in the program areas described here.  As People Incorporated is surely the path to opportunity for many people and families, I invite you to see available employment listings by clicking the employment link provided here.

It is my hope that your visit to our website will give you a deeper understanding of the services and programs provided by People Incorporated. I also hope that you will not hesitate to contact the members of our Administrative Management Team or me for any additional information you may need. We welcome your suggestions and comments as we continue to fulfill our mission of providing premier services to children and adults of ALL abilities in a collaborative and creative environment!

Megan Scheffer
President & CEO

People Incorporated