People, Incorporated to be part of PBS Special!

People, Incorporated to be part of PBS Special!

When People, Incorporated collaborated with the dynamic start-up group from Sproutel, we knew great things were going to happen! Through the Diabetes Association, a program of People, Incorporated, and these two organizations created significant opportunities for children in our community, afflicted with Type 1 Diabetes, by introducing kids to Jerry the Bear.

Jerry the Bear, Sproutel’s interactive, plush teddy bear, is a best friend for children newly diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. This one-of-a-kind teddy bear helps kids master their medical procedures, from counting carbs to monitoring their blood sugar levels - all through interactive play. Pamela O’Neill, Vice President of Communications and Administration with People, Incorporated commented, “Diabetes management for children is complex and requires 24 hour, daily care and affects not only the child diagnosed, but the entire family. Kids take care of Jerry by feeding him and keeping his blood sugar level in a good range by counting carbs and matching insulin doses. When Jerry’s blood sugar level goes high or low, Jerry speaks his symptoms, encouraging kids to recognize how they feel. Through interactive play with Jerry, children with Type 1 Diabetes are more aware and educated on the diagnosis of diabetes which leads to early, self management of the disease.”

When Aaron Horowitz, Co-Founder and CEO of Sproutel received a call to profile his company from START UP USA, a television program that offers its viewers an up-close and personal look into the world of the modern American entrepreneur, he called upon People, Incorporated to be included in the filming. The Diabetes Association, a program of People, Incorporated, began a one year pilot program with Jerry the Bear in 2014, introducing this interactive bear to five participating program families to help educate and assimilate the diagnosis of diabetes into the life of the newly diagnosed child. The results of this program and its effects on the child and their families involved were positively outstanding. “We know that children learn through play, and what better way to educate kids about diabetes. Jerry the Bear enables children to take a hands-on role in their education, reducing the stress around diabetes by including the entire family. Our collaboration with People, Incorporated was a win/win for both organizations, helping kids with diabetes education and providing first-hand feedback on the advantages Jerry the Bear offers”, commented Horowitz.

Horowitz continued, “At Sproutel we’re incredibly excited about collaborating with People, Incorporated to amplify our reach and improve the lives of children diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. We look forward to a continued partnership to bring Jerry the Bear to even more children!”

For further information about this topic or other programs at People, Incorporated, please contact Pamela O’Neill, Vice President of Communications and Administration at People, Incorporated, and (774) 627-2404. People, Incorporated, the path to opportunity!

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