Marilyn Grubb – Nominated for excelling in our core principles of: Commitment, Respect and Excellence

Marilyn Grubb – Nominated for excelling in our core principles of: Commitment, Respect and Excellence

Nominated by Jenny DiBlasi – Vice President of Community Child and Family Services

Marilyn Grubb – Director of the FACE Center.

Marilyn Grubb has a passion for providing quality support services for children and their families. That passion led her to go above and beyond her role as FACE Center Director when she developed the new Community Playroom. In addition to her great ideas and work she put in during her regular role, Marilyn spent countless hours outside of work time to make this wonderful idea a reality. Marilyn created three dimensional models of the room on her spare time and brought these models into work to be able to demonstrate her ideas clearly to the team. Also on her spare time, Marilyn sketched the design for the play center that was later built in the playroom. She could often be seen in the playroom measuring and re-measuring the space to ensure that her design optimized the area. Additionally, Marilyn spent time on the weekends shopping for the “just right” items to go into the playroom, whether looking in IKEA or souring catalogs. Marilyn volunteered her own time during her vacation to come in and paint the trim on the playhouse in the Playroom. She also had an eye for detail, looking at colors for the walls and floors, working with the other program staff to select the perfect colors for the space. Her attention to detail did not stop there. Marilyn actually sewed the curtains for the playhouse.

Marilyn has many responsibilities as program director. She supervises a team of staff, attends regular meetings and is responsible for making sure her programs are running efficiently. Marilyn did not let her full-time schedule stop her from creating the perfect Community Playroom. She worked tirelessly on her own time to ensure that the project was a success. For anyone who has seen the playroom, they know that she reached her goal. Thank you Marilyn, for creating a space that is so wonderful and nurturing to young children and their parents.

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