Jack Rua Invitational

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The Jack Rua Invitational

The Jack Rua Invitational is in honor of Jack Rua, one of the founding partners of the Rua-Dumont-Audet Insurance Agencies.  Jack was devoted to the development of the Diabetes Association, Inc. (DAI) and served as its president.  In 2003, our community suffered a tremendous loss when Jack lost his life in an automobile accident.  Because Jack’s spirit continues to inspire us, it is with great pleasure that we host the Jack Rua Invitational to benefit the Diabetes Association, Inc., a program of People Incorporated.

The Diabetes Association, Inc. fills a need in our community by providing services for people with diabetes and those that care for them.  The DAI has responded to the need for information, support, education, and advocacy for more than 30 years.  Additionally, the DAI sponsors Camp Jack, a specialized camp which runs for six weeks in July and August for kids ages 5-14 with Type 1 diabetes.  Camp Jack is a safe, fun, and welcoming environment for children to actively learn and manage their Type 1 diabetes while making lifelong friends.

Download a Jack Rua Invitational brochure with registration and sponsor form: CLICK HERE

People Incorporated’s Diabetes Association, Inc. is accredited by the American Association of Diabetes Education.  The goal of the Diabetes Association is to improve the health and well-being of the communities that we serve by advancing diabetes prevention, early detection, education, and disease management.

With the support of the community, business leaders, and the friends of the Diabetes Association, Camp Jack, and People Incorporated, we can honor and continue the mission that Jack started so many years ago!

Please note deadlines for sponsorship:

July 15
Commitment to a specific level and logo emailed to cdeterra@peopleinc-fr.org

July 26
Program Guide Artwork emailed to cdeterra@peopleinc-fr.org

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Thanks on behalf of the children of Camp Jack!