Fun with FACE!

Fun with FACE!

The FACE Center had a wonderful time at their Party! 

Santa Claus and the Grinch heard such great things about it, they decided to stop by the event.  These photos show just a glimpse of some of the fun.

The Family Advocacy and Community Education (FACE) Center provides an array of services and supports to help families of all abilities reach their goals. The center staff works as a partner with families and individuals to:

  • Provide resource and referral information and support
  • Connect residents to job development, health and human services, housing and state resources and support to help residents obtain employment and stabilize their families
  • Connect families and children to school resources and activities, assist with parent engagement and build the capacity of the schools to support children
  • Provide family and parent educational opportunities
  • Connect families with preventative health support groups and educational programs

The Center also offers families eligible for the Department of Developmental Services with educational opportunities, peer parent support, information, and referral, along with services and supports that can enable families to provide the best possible future for their child or family member.

Learn more about the FACE Center by clicking HERE.

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