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We Have Reduced the Time for Referral Bonus Eligibility!

One of People Incorporated’s greatest sources of new employees in all our divisions is referrals from current employees. Your efforts in helping to recruit new employees are greatly appreciated, and starting December 8, 2018, People Incorporated will reduce the time employees have to be employed before being eligible for a referral bonus. We will recognize your efforts with a $200.00* incentive for each successful employee that you refer.

Program for current staff who recruit a successful employee:

Staff will receive a total of $200.00* for referring a successful employee. The referring staff will receive $100.00 after the new employee’s successful first 30 days of employment and $100.00 after the new employee’s successful six months of employment. This incentive is taxable.

Eligible Staff: To be eligible for the staff recruitment incentive:

  1. Effective December 8, 2018, employee must be employed three months at the time referral applies for work.
  2. Employee must be in good standing, with no Written Reminders or Decision Making Leave Reminders within the past six months.
  3. The referring employee must be identified on the new employee’s employment application at the time it is submitted.
  4. The referring employee must be employed at the time incentive is to be paid.

Successful Employee:

  1. The recruited employee must be employed a total of six months.
  2. The recruited employee must be in good standing, with no disciplinary actions or last chance agreements in place.

Human Resources staff will be responsible for noting the date of hire and the referring staff for all recruited employees. The referring staff member will receive the incentive in the last payroll of the month after the new employee’s first thirty day and sixth-month anniversary dates.

* Larger incentives could be made available for more difficult to fill positions.

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