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What is the status of program improvements/expansions that were discussed at the Employee Forums?

In every program area, there was great discussion regarding proposed improvements that would expand or improve services. Some of these ideas have already been implemented; others are being addressed as part of our three-year Strategic Plan, which you can download from our Intranet site via the “Forms & Docs” drop-down menu on the main page. Each month, our Program Management Team members are responsible for updating the progress of their program’s work plan, a document that is constantly amended and kept up-to-date that supports the Strategic Plan. You will receive this work plan via a quarterly eblast as an attachment. [...]

December 30, 2016|Employee Forums|

What issues that are being reviewed regarding Facilities/Equipment/Technology Needs?

During the Employee Forums there were suggestions and discussions regarding Facilities/Equipment/Technology Needs that required further review and in some instances will need to be included in the FY 2018 budget process. What are the issues that are being reviewed and when will decisions be made? Several of the 24 hour residences are in need of additional accessibility features or replacement to meet the needs of residents. What plans are being made to address this concern? During FY 2017 the following projects have been completed to improve accessibility Elsbree Street Ramp behind the home 1st floor bathroom (Roll in Shower) Waring [...]

December 22, 2016|Employee Forums|

What questions/concerns brought up at the forums that required additional planning are currently being worked on, and when will they be implemented?

Employees asked for additional training to fully utilize all of the features of the Outlook program. They also suggested that a training in email etiquette would be helpful. An email etiquette training is being updated on our e-academy program and should be available in the next week. A similar training on Outlook is being developed and will be available before the end of the fiscal year. Can updates on the Agency’s Strategic Plan progress be communicated throughout the year? You recently received an email with the latest update. These updates will be sent on a quarterly basis throughout the year. [...]

November 14, 2016|Employee Forums|

Question #6 FY2016 – Solar Powered Energy

Many of you have asked about our thoughts regarding solar powered energy alternatives being installed in our residences and also other properties we own. We are currently researching the potential of the installation of solar energy at our Riggenbach Road location. We know that there are many pros to solar energy. This environmentally clean energy is a resource that is not only sustainable for energy consumption, it's also renewable. Solar power can be used to generate electricity, and with relative ease, can also be used to heat water (solar water heaters). We've learned, too, solar panels require little maintenance and [...]

February 29, 2016|Employee Forums|

Question #5 FY2016 —Better Communication Between Day & Residential

Thank you for your thoughtful comments at our Fall Forums on how we might more effectively communicate information between the Day and Residential divisions. People Incorporated is committed to making sure that we develop and implement systems that empower on-going communication between the Day & Residential divisions to ensure quality services that also enable and encourage innovation. To accomplish this the following initiatives are either underway or about to launch: 1) host Quarterly Group Meetings with the leadership teams from Day & Residential; 2) offer Collaborative Events that complement both services; and 3) initiate ‘Social Activities’ that build upon personal [...]

February 23, 2016|Employee Forums|

Question #4 FY2016 —Better Nutrition in Residential Homes

It was brought up several times during our recent forums, that training be made available at each homes so that staff and residents could provide nutritional meals. People Incorporated is implementing a three-prong approach to address this issue— 1) offer Healthy Cooking Classes at each of the residential homes; 2) present Diabetes Prevention Workshops either at the home or as part of an evening option; and 3) include a ‘Healthy Living’ component into future grants. Current status below: 1. Healthy Cooking Classes and Grocery Store Tours: The Diabetes Association Inc. (DAI) an affiliate of People, Incorporated has initiated interactive training [...]

February 17, 2016|Employee Forums|

Question #3 FY2016 – Will Managers Receive Training?

As many of you are aware, this past year we engaged in a major restructuring of the Residential Services Division based on observations and feedback received from staff at all levels. We had four phases of implementation. Phase I- Reorganize Administration- we established clusters of responsibility making the oversight of the expanding program manageable. Phase II included creating new job descriptions and responsibilities for Program Operations Managers (POM) and Assistant Program Operations Managers (APOM) allowing for a clear leader to be assigned to each home. Phase III included consistent schedules and an emphasis on consistent full time and part-time staff [...]

February 9, 2016|Employee Forums|

Question #2 FY2016 – More opportunities to communicate with the AMT

During our Employee Forums, there were requests to have additional forums throughout the year. Improving communication is the number one reason our Employee Forum format was created. The Administrative Management Team welcomes opportunities to meet more regularly. Based on your feedback, we’d like to pilot a two-tiered system: Mandatory Employee Forums: These forums will be held in the Fall and mandatory for all employees who will be paid for the time they participate. Several forums will be scheduled to insure that all employees have convenient opportunities to participate. Open Meetings with AMT: These additional meetings will be scheduled at various [...]

January 25, 2016|Employee Forums|

Question #1 FY2016 – Technology

During the recent forums, many of you had made comments and suggestions regarding our current technological structure and advancing our Agency’s use of various technological products and services. First, we applaud those of you who understand the need and want to utilize more productive methods in delivering the premier services our stakeholders, community, and those we serve expect from People, Incorporated – thank you! A specific comment did come up during our forums and that was, “why can’t we just log in one time to get to all the applications we are required to check?” In order to eliminate staff [...]

January 11, 2016|Employee Forums|