About People, Incorporated

People, Incorporated was founded in 1968 by parents of people with disabilities who were seeking better quality and more diverse services for their children. Today, the organization offers employment training and job development, day habilitation, children’s services including early intervention, parenting programs and child care, community and family support services, and residential services.

The story of our success

Our success has been built upon a thoughtful, fully articulated business plan that we established in 2003 and have steadily changed and improved. At the core of this plan was a review and revision of our mission statement. Once we established clarity around our mission statement, we expanded our mission so that our service model would not only include supports for individuals with intellectual and cognitive disabilities but would be expanded to include a more consistent approach to addressing the more serious concerns of our community. The expanded mission began to and continues to include services to address our school dropout problem, the need for greater skill development for our adult learners, strengthening family support systems, and the need for improvement in the general health and well-being of our community. We established a set of 10 core values to guide us and have established an annual strategic planning process that includes challenging but attainable goals that all members of our organization participate in. Over time, we have been able to better understand, value and focus upon the key areas necessary for us to continue our path to opportunity. There are four key indicators to our success. These key indicators (Profitability, Growth, Employee Recognition and Reward, and Quality) guide our long-term planning and permeate every aspect of our daily activities. We present them to you so that you may better understand and appreciate what we have accomplished, what we seek to accomplish, and why we do so.


It is the key component of our future viability as an organization and our capacity to succeed. Profitability allows us to build a stable and secure future, strengthen our resources, develop creative solutions, manage risk and build our community. Profitability has allowed us to secure the future of the Diabetes Association and the SMILES programs. It allowed us to help organize and financially support Kids-A-Palooza and Block-A-Palooza. It allowed us to make a major investment in the establishment of two full service community centers (4 South Main Street and the Letourneau Elementary School) and it helps us provide a better work experience to our employees.


It allows us to add value and variety to what we do. Our growth continues to add layers of additional quality to the services we provide. Each program service now has more expanded abilities to meet individual and community needs as we continue to build upon a larger set of supports. We have become one of the largest employers in the Fall River area with more than 700 talented and professional employees. We are a robust, economic engine for the community. Growth prevents stagnation, increases opportunities for community collaboration and builds opportunity for our community workforce. It is our ability to successfully compete with other organizations that are not based in our community for valuable resources that makes us a stronger and more viable society.

Employee Recognition and Reward

Our greatest asset is the talented workforce that fuels our success. We have made a strong and continually improving commitment of respect to our workforce. It is the value that we place on our workforce that allows us to continue to grow and succeed. We offer a wide range of financial rewards to employees to recognize their contributions to our success. We offer many educational and professional training opportunities so that they may improve their ability to secure a better future. We commit to a variety of internal career ladders and promotions from within so they may have a career at People, Incorporated, not just a job. We offer wellness programs, opportunities to participate in our community and much more to create a work experience that is superior to other organizations.

Quality Service

Our future is dependent upon our ability to provide a set of services that funders respect, appreciate and wish to continue and hopefully build upon. We seek input from many sources, offer many vehicles through which ideas and suggestions surface to the highest levels of the organization. We have established a continuous quality improvement committee and most importantly, remain open to criticism, transparent in our actions and willing to delegate significant responsibilities to our management team. There is no substitute for quality. We have no acceptance of mediocrity and maintain a constant drive to become better.