2018 Longevity Award Recipients

2018 Longevity Award Recipients

Congratulations to the recipients of this year's longevity awards!

At our annual Employee Recognition event, we celebrated our staff who have devoted significant time working for our Agency. The longevity awards recolonize those employees that have reached milestones working for People Incorporated, ranging from 5 to 30 year tenures, and who have grown along side our Agency and helped us reach our goals. It is the hard work and dedication of our employees that allows us to provide premier services and opportunities throughout our community. We truly appreciate our employees and all that they do, and we are proud to be their path to opportunity!

30 Year Longevity Award Recipients: 
Anna Raposo and Fernando Carreiro

25 Year Longevity Award Recipients: 
Christopher Lopes and Maria Sousa (not featured)

20 Year Longevity Award Recipients:
Monique Schofield, Robin A Jones, and Judith Messenger (not featured)

15 Year Longevity Award Recipients: 
Carlos Dubois
(not featured) Sharon Brightman, Jeffrey Costa, Esmeralda Resendes, and Rebecca Simmons

10 Year Longevity Award Recipients: 
Randall Richard, Pamela Burns, Gloria Bajor, Margaret Fournier, Cynthia Greenlees, Megan Scheffer, Marilyn Grubb, and Jesse Gaspie
(not featured) Lawrence Bird, Donna Couto, Gillian Elias, and Sally Gamache

5 Year Longevity Award Recipients:
Ashley Dykas, Cheyanne Hrenko, Jamie Rezendes, Chandra Roberts Silva, Kathleen McCauley, Christopher Joinson, Martha Oliveira, and Kara Paganelli

(not featured) Kathleen Almeida, Christopher Arruda, Zachary Belmore, Rachelle Blaise, Joseph D Botelho, Cindy Branco, Zechary Bridges, Benjamin Brunette, Madalena DiCorpo, Karen Elumba, Mary Fernandes, Rebecca Fournier, Danita Gordon, Jamie Haage, Joy Harrington, Keith Lafleur, Carena Mao, Jerry Mathurin, Carmen Mejil, Glenn Norman, Patrick Norton, Anthony Oliver, Laurel Phinney, Allyson Provost, Annette Regali, David Rego, Michael Reinertsen, Shannon Remy, Jarred Roias, Mikayla Senay, Sando Smart, Eric Sousa, Robert Thompson, Shara Toomey, Michelle Varano, and Gregory Watson

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